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4_Swords_4_Eva @ Tuesday, February 2nd 2010, 6:50 PM
YES! I'm finally done!! God, this took forever DX This has got to be my best picture yet! So much detail...I'm so proud.. :cry:
Anyways, this is my dark character, Kura (Japanese for darkness)Her original name was Shadow Girl, but I got a better name. :P She was created by Shadow Link to be his slave, but she turned the tables on him. She now has no known master. She's bold, little cocky, but powerful. Soon she will claim title of Princess of Shadow. (Hence the Prinzessin (Princess) name.)Her markings are rather mysterious. No one knows why they are there, and few people have actually seen small markings on her arms.
I'd like to tell more, but it's almost midnight and I'm out of caffiene lol. Still, I'm really proud of this piece! So much detail, good anatomy, this is just wonderful :cry:
'Night guys.

EDIT: I re-did this to anime style. I really like it, anyone agree? ^^ I also fixed a few things. I might've over done it with the wrinkles though. ^^
Original version:
browneyedwingly @ Tuesday, February 9th 2010, 6:37 PM
I actually like this shading style better than your first method :) nice job!