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Welcome to Creeping Oekaki!

Hi and welcome to the Oekaki board connected to the Creeping Me Out Comic. Everything should work, but it's odd being one of the last remaining English language Oekaki boards. Enjoy your stay and try to follow the rules.

We aren't using themes anymore as nobody's around to post on them. The board is largely up as an archive of times past. Enjoy your stay anyway! If you have any issues feel free to contact me.

Please contact me by Email, Twitter, or Instagram - Mixel

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[4647] [Comment] Artist: Ellendig | Title: Pumpkin Solo | Time: 1h 19m
Pic #4321

ShiPainter Pro

Ellendig @ Tuesday, October 25th 2011, 8:09 PM
Omg i've been absent forever o___o Don't hate me.

Happy Halloween gaiz. <3

[4497] [Comment] Artist: Ellendig | Title: Starving Artist Collectible Dolls! | Time: 2h 37m
Pic #4171


Ellendig @ Sunday, February 27th 2011, 12:36 PM
Limited Edition: Nekomimi Otaku-San.

They poke holes in the top of the box for us.

Save an artist!? DRAW SOME MONEY!

Hello. o3o Pleased to meet you all.
Resistance is futile.
mixel @ Friday, March 4th 2011, 5:38 AM
Pleased to meet you too! Happy to see some new users. Super cute!

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